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Perfect picture slideshow viewer

“This is the type of program that Apple should have baked into their photos. This works with all of my pix or individual folders, and many other options with other interesting picture feeds which are great too as options. What I find especially valuable is that I can vary the time the slide is up (I often project them on my television set) from short to several minutes per picture if desired, not just the 20 second maximum that Apple gives you. I think the main improvement I would make is that when looking for an individual folder of my pictures within the app, they don’t seem to be organized in any particular order so quite a bit of searching can be required if you have lots of pic folders. But other than that I think it’s perfect.” CareyAndrew

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"My husband bought this as a mother’s day gift and I absolutely LOVE it. It allows you, to pick a shared album and it automatically refreshes when new photos or videos are added! It’s amazing to see pics pop in from my grandchildren." Gingersdogmom

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Uniquely excellent

"I’ve been searching for an app that does what app does for literally years. This is the only one I’ve found that a) can shuffle your entire photo library ready for slide showing even though it is on iCloud and b) allows you to have a slide show where the transition time is completely adjustable e.g you can set it to transition after 20 minutes if you like so it acts like a proper photo frame. Other apps I’ve tried struggle with the uploading from the iCloud, frequently just locking up. This one works all the time. Very impressive.” Adamrm1002

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Best of the Photo Frame Apps

"Tried several others, till I found this one. This does everything it promises. Many other apps like this crashed after a few minutes of use. I love that I can pick as many of my albums that I want to put on shuffle, and enjoy for hours at a time." Rob99Review

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Took photos from everywhere

“It took my pictures from all the places on my phone including WhatsApp, grouped them and allowed me to “showcase” them. A great app.” Maagskop1997

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Worth it

“I hesitated before I bought this app considering 2 of the reviews but went ahead and have been really happy. I did not have any crashes. A lot of options in settings and I am able to use it to show photos to customers in a timely fashion.” JuliethRose